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The average four-year cost of attending an in-state university for the 2016/17 academic year will be over $100,000. The average cost for a private college over four years will be nearing $200,000!  The cost of attendance is increasing at about twice the rate of inflation year after year. What's more, most students take over 6 years to graduate with a 4-year degree!  Because of these large expenses, careful, systematic planning is more important than ever for parents of college-bound students.

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Admissions Guidance

Admissions Guidance

Our team’s academic experts have direct experience in college admissions and student life administration. Our emphasis is college fit!  We guide you through all aspects of the college search, application and selection process by addressing all factors of fit--academic, financial, culture, learning style, and so much more!  We help identify your interests and aptitudes in deciding your major and career path.  Contact us here.

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College Funding

College Funding

Our college funding team will produce an overall game plan detailing practical recommendations to help you pay for college.  We assess your family's unique financial situation and create a customized plan using all the methods available and appropriate to reduce your expected family contribution (EFC) and other college costs.  Contact us here.

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Targeted Tutoring

Targeted Tutoring

Specializing in ACT and SAT preparation, our team of expert, credentialed instructors utilizes an approach called targeted tutoring. Whether one needs limited help or more comprehensive assistance, we provide customized services for each student depending on their needs. The focus is on setting—and achieving—attainable goals to ensure cooperation and confidence, saving students time and money.  Subject tutoring for high school courses is available as well.  Contact us here.

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What Makes My College Planning Team Unique?

Only My College Planning Team brings together experts from both the academic and financial services communities in this collective and cooperative way. We work as a team to help families find the right college for the right price. Our mission is to create a plan that allows you to get your child through college in a comfortable manner without disrupting your lifestyle or depleting what you have already set aside for retirement.